June 2020 – Present

Global Creative Manager

Cushman & Wakefield

November 2018 – June 2020

Senior Graphic Designer

Cushman & Wakefield

November 2016 – Present

Head of Creative & Design

Gay Gaming Professionals

June 2015 – November 2018

Creative Director

USC Credit Union
  • Led design and branding for marketing and business development
  • Hired, trained, and managed marketing, design and business development professionals
  • Collaborated between departments to manage the website and develop email campaigns
  • Worked with external vendors and oversaw production of marketing collateral
  • Developed presentations for the CEO for national conferences and board meetings

June 2015 – November 2018

Senior Graphic Designer

USC Credit Union

Notable Projects:

  • Developed campaign and built award-winning site that fundraised $40K for charity
  • Re-designed and led production for the company’s new debit card and 2 credit cards
  • Led re-branding initiative for a more user-friendly corporate site
  • Designed a campaign for Multi-National Students, collaborating with translators in Chinese and Korean
  • Developed Social Media strategy that helped the company rank in the Top 25 California Credit Unions

June 2013 – March 2014

Graphic Designer / Web Developer (Freelance)

  • Designed weekly ads for 10,000 subscribers in LA and NY
  • Daily duties included: managing website and social media, A/B split testing emails, tracking user interaction, copywriting and designing ads, social media optimization
  • Work featured in HGTV Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, The Huffington Post, Refinery29, Apartment Therapy, Furniture Today, LA Weekly, LA Rag

January 2012 – December 2013

Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Event Coordinator

USC Parkside International Apartments

In conjunction with my duties as a Residential Advisor, I began a marketing initiative to solve a growing issue with decreased attendance to programming events. Some strategies included: guerrilla marketing,pop-up galleries and invited relevant guest speakers using various campus connections.

June 2011 – January 2012

Graphic Designer, Marketing Intern

Motorsport Negotiators Inc.
  • Conducted market research on clients to improve brand image
  • Proposed new company logo and brand identity, the proposal was accepted and integrated across all company collateral
  • Work featured in DuPont Registry Magazine from 2011-2012



Art and Design, B.A.

University of Southern California

I studied design and fine arts at USC. Along the way, I picked up a minor in Marketing as well as a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Law.

Program and Software Skills





Scripting and Programming Skills






Gary Perez

Gary Perez

CEO / USC Credit Union

He is a great and hardworking guy. I am so proud of the way Myke has transformed our marketing department. Whatever I ask, Myke is always there and turns things around immediately.  He is truly an expert in branding and all things marketing!

Ivonet Gomez

Ivonet Gomez

Marketing Manager / USC Credit Union

Mychal is an exceptional team player and a fun person to work with. His positive energy is contagious and his leadership skills are admirable. He truly leads by example. I would’t be where I am without his support.

Tere Denison

Tere Denison

CMO / USC Credit Union

It’s been quite the pleasure to have Myke on my team. He’s an impeccable designer, web designer, and marketer and constantly coming up with new initiatives and campaigns to generate additional revenue. He excels both analytically and artistically, and is extremely amicable and easy to work with.

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